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The buzz continues and 먹튀검증커뮤니티 the crowd grows.

Donnell Boucher

Assistant Athletic Director: Strength &

Conditioning - The Citadel

Adapted from Habitudes by Tim Elmore:

Imagine a brand new bakery opens on your block. It’s

the talk of the town. People line up to get a taste of the baker’s

exclusive treats. You go in and watch the baker in amazement.

He’s a one-man show 먹튀. Not only is he a genius baker. He cleans,

rings, greets and serves his customers.

The buzz continues and the crowd grows. You visit

regularly and begin to notice something after three short

months. The baker doesn’t have enough help, but persists in

trying to do it all. He prides himself in all areas of his business

and can’t let any responsibility go. He hustles so hard,

sometimes skipping meals, and even spends all night at work.

His hustle is feeding the customers, but starving himself. If

this continues, his exhaustion will turn into burnout and

ultimately a failed business.

Leaders can place so much focus on feeding others that

they forget to feed themselves. You can’t do your best work if

you’re starving - physically, mentally, or emotionally. We must

nourish ourselves if we plan to stay effective. An empty cup

cannot pour into another.

Athlete Huddle

What are you doing to invest in your personal well

being beyond physical training?

Coach Huddle

What are strategies you can use to keep your cup full

now and in the future?


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